About Me

What's the crack? I'm Louise and I am a MA International Politics student. I have been at the University of Greenwich since 2006! Why so long you may ask? Well I failed my second year due to the mistaken thought that it would be exactly like the 1st year and I could therefore party more. Hmm not so much. Still; I finally graduated in 2010 with a BA in Law and Sociology. I loved Sociology but didn't really see a career in it for me, I enjoyed the challenge of Law and how it focused my 'out of the box brain' but didn't see a career in this either - well I did but one that was not for me - much to my family's dismay.

I do three jobs with the University; I am an Access Ability Ambassador; an Education Liaison Officer; and I work for the Enquiry Unit. I also work as an academic support worker with a company called Randstad. The main students I support are studying at the University of Greenwich and have some form of disability. This is important to me as I am a disabled person myself, and it therefore means that I can assist someone who has a disability (although different from mine) with their educational needs.

I’m not sure what this blog will offer but it will probably consist of my experience of being a Masters student and applying for a job with the civil service; with the occasional random rant and thought.